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Made in China Shoes in Miniature

cheap canada goose uk Disney Mickey Mouse Shoes Wind Up Toy 038 cheap canada goose uk

This a small but very cute wind up Disney toy that looks like Mickey Mouse yellow shoes. Each shoe measures about 1.75 inches long with a metal bar in between them.

canada goose clearance If you wind them up they walk (one foot takes a step then the other foot takes a step). They are plastic and the only markings on them are the words: Disney China 86388 on the bottom of one shoe. canada goose clearance

uk canada goose Besides the China imprint, a tag is still attached to the bottom of the shoes marked Disney Attractions, Inc., Lake Buena Vista, FL32830 USA at Walt Disney World in the Emporium in the Main Street Shops in June, 1993 for $4.00. Estmated collector value is $5.00 to $8.00. This toy was recently auctioned on eBay to another person for $7.26. uk canada goose

Baby Bootie with Silk Flowers 028

This is a white porcelain baby shoe with a blue ribbed top, peach colored stars around the bottom near the sole and dabbed flowers on the sides. It also has a dark blue painted ribbon which goes in and out of a design in canada goose black friday sale 2019 the shoe.

canada goose black friday sale It measures canada goose chateau parka black friday 3 3/8 in length, 2 5/8 in height and 2 in width. Perfect condition, with no chips or cracks. canada goose black friday sale

The shoe is decorated with a satin purple ribbon tied in a bow and a purple silk flower with leaves. It has two strands of little pearls sticking out from the flower. It is canada goose outlet in vancouver actually quite cute and fairly well made.

Yong Feng Shangdian is the store in the China Pavillion in Epcot Village in the DisneyWorld canada goose outlet china Complex in Orlando, Florida. It is the only Yong Feng Shangdian store that I have found on the Internet and there were Florida government papers documenting the formation of this store with a fictionalized name for this specific site. The shoe is assumed to have been manufactured in China.

I have no recall of purchasing this shoe, but our family did visit Epcot in 1986, so it is possible it was a purchase then. My only question is the price. Could this really have only cost $1.50? Actually it probably did. I keep forgetting that 1986 was 21 years ago.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Estimated value now is probably $7.00 to $10.00 on a site like eBay. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose store Information from interviews and personal papers of BJ and BP. canada goose store

buy canada goose jacket Green Victorian Style Pump 025 buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets A Christmas Ornament Shoe. These ornaments are a popular gift to me from my children (JA, JE, AB 2004) and my tree sports maybe 20 shoe ornaments, Canada Goose Jackets

This little shoe, nearly the size in the photograph, is a resin shoe from China. It detail is nice, including a ruffled opening and a raised buckle with a golden disk in the center. These shoes are a part of the Collection, because all gifts are accepted, especially Christmas gifts from canada goose outlet legit children. The collection does not routinely acquire resin based shoes.

Canada Goose sale This curiosity was purchased at a department discount store for less than $5.00 and has little canada goose outlet london uk to no collector value. Canada Goose sale

Red Fru Fru Christmas Ornament Shoe 023

I promised early on that nearly any was accepted (and proudly displayed) by the Lillian P Wood Memorial Collection. This fancy red Christmas Ornament is no exception. Suffice to say that it was a very adored Christmas present canada goose jacket outlet from an adored 4 year old to her adored mother. (AB in 1992)

It is really quite something, and I am grateful for a photograph for I do not want to go into much detail understandably. It does rather creep into your Christmas spirit heart, though, if given half a chance.

It is a canada goose outlet store new york monster ornament, 4 1/2 high (not counting feathers and beads) and 4 long. The material is a velveteen sort glued over heavy cardboard and is trimmed in gold and red braid. Also adorned with purple gathered flowers and tiny green leaf beads. cheap canada goose The beads are actually quite cool.

I have absolutely no hard data on this curiosity, except as with all gifts from small children, it is not for sale.

Double Dutch Christmas Ornaments 019

Dutch shoes appear in any setting, including double hung from a red ribbon. Just throw it over an evergreen branch and you done decorating.

Solid wood toe, painted bright blue interior, varnished wood exterior. Shoes are slightly larger than the photo.

No extra decoration on the sides; MADE IN CHINA sticker in gold and black oval.

Rough hand painted scene though the trees with the gray lines are unusual. Who knows?

Christmas ornament is part of cheap canada goose new york the Christmas Ornament Collection, a sub set of the Lillian P Wood Memorial Collection. This was an original pair of shoes in the collection. Unknown date. Most likely in the early 1960s.

uk canada goose outlet Here the scoop. My grandmother collected miniature shoes nearly her entire life. I loved her shoe collection and would plead to with the shoes whenever I could. I loved each shoe so much, I would even spend the occasional Saturday morning dusting the shoe cabinet and canada goose clothing uk each individual shoe. I was the only relative that showed any interest in her shoes and when she died in March, 1993 at the age of 91, she willed all the miniature shoes to me uk canada goose outlet.